Paradigm infinitism: science

What was named 1992 for the first time in the book ''Advance to solar age'' ''civilization planning'', developed to the design of a new science important for survival.

  Ethics - the science of survival

Chapter page 298 - 313 from "Calculation ERROR" as PDF.

Here the last part of page 309.

  The birth of a new science

What is the name of the science that evaluates and integrates the knowl­edge of all other sciences for the best possible survival of humanity? Can it really be that there is not such a science already established?

What would be the present imagination of society of the new science ethics? Religious men discussing abstract situations? Completely wrong idea! It will be a number crunching science. To understand all decisions from all the individuals and to create a computer model about these decisions.

Testing this model of the world with different policies and different scenarios. This can and will produce new questions about the future. Questions never asked before, because nobody thought about this. These new questions have to be included in further improved models of the world. This will demand and enable scientific work based on predicted scenarios.

This will be our navigation system to find and develop the best possible pathway to our future.

Paradigm infinitism Paradigm infinitism
Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

Organization to promote infinitism
The non-profit organization to promote infinitism has been registered March 2nd 2015 in Austria. It supports actions to disseminate infinitism

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Our members, their biography, achievements and statements on the new paradigm Infinitism.

Paradigm Infinitism 2015
Activities of the organization to promote Infinitism. In particular, the ''Paradigm Infinitism - future must be fun again'' lecture tour.

Context description:  Organization to promote infinitism. A civilization can develop an unlimited ability survive. This means worldwide wealth and future.