Paradigm infinitism: philosophy

A diagnosis for the civilization on planet earth that has been overdue for 2 centuries Civilization jump from 'helpless as a baby' to 'Can solve immediate problems'.

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  The first civilization jump

A civilization reached different skill levels to master increasingly difficult challenges of survival. It begins at level 0: A civilization with the same ability to survive as did the dinosaurs. The abilities of a level 0 civilization are defined as “helpless as a baby”.

No one knew at the beginning of the industrial revolution what would come out. The science of the 20th Century enabled to reconstruct the fate of Earth in the last few billion years and to predict the future of our sun.

There were only a total failure: What will be the career of our civilization? Charlatans were active as merchants of fear. Misan­thropists enjoyed to spread doom fantasies. Desperate people began to look at the last occurrences of fossil energy like a sort of last meal. The whole climate skeptics say: “Let us enjoy our last meal, the end is inevitable.”

Is a more comprehensive violation of the human right of future even conceivable?

Fossil energy was to start the first civilization jump the right way. A coal fire to operate a steam engine is just a lot easier than to build a photovoltaic, electric power storage and an electric motor. There is nothing wrong to use fossil energy for 100 or 150 years to accelerate development. But then, a civilization has to become aware about the uniqueness of the situation, understand the process of the civilization jump and to start the completion.

Scientific progress since 1800 is enormous. But why has nobody researched the current status and the future development of our civilization?

Paradigm infinitism Paradigm infinitism
Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

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The non-profit organization to promote infinitism has been registered March 2nd 2015 in Austria. It supports actions to disseminate infinitism

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Context description:  Organization to promote infinitism. A civilization can develop an unlimited ability survive. This means worldwide wealth and future.