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Louis Palmer - Switzerland - WAVE Louis Palmer - Switzerland - WAVE
Louis Palmer (born 1971 in Budapest) is a Swiss environmental activist. Projects like the Solar Taxi 2007, Zero Emissions Race 2010/2011, World Advanced Vehicle Expedition or WAVE.

Heini Staudinger - Lower Austria - GEA Heini Staudinger - Lower Austria - GEA
Heinrich Staudinger, entrepreneur shoe and furniture industries in the high-wage country Austria. He made as a ''financial rebel'' a talking point up to Brussels.

Andreas Wabl - Styria - Ex-Member of Austrian Parliament
Roland Mösl called me many times as a ''real green'' and meant that the citizens expected a priority on solving energy and environmental issues.

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Eipper - Nuremberg
Envi Experts GmbH - The Environmental Expert. ÖBV expert (IHK Nuremberg), environmental verifiers (DE-V-0361).

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Paradigm infinitism Paradigm infinitism
Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

Organization to promote infinitism
The non-profit organization to promote infinitism has been registered March 2nd 2015 in Austria. It supports actions to disseminate infinitism

Paradigm Infinitism 2015
Activities of the organization to promote Infinitism. In particular, the ''Paradigm Infinitism - future must be fun again'' lecture tour.

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Context description:  Organization to promote infinitism. A civilization can develop an unlimited ability survive. This means worldwide wealth and future.