Paradigm infinitism: economy

The world economy since 2008 in the fossil stagnation. Renewable energy can provide for all of humanity a standard of living like in USA or EU in their best time.

  BB21C - the biggest business of the 21st century

Stagnant economy, rising unemployment, the old economic theories have failed. A conference for industry and finance for a paradigm shift.

PEGE propagated as early as 1992 in the 1st book Advance to solar age

Time is ready to spread this as a new paradigm on an opinion-forming conference for industry and finance.

But before the preparation of the Conference allies must be found in order to prepare them accordingly.

  First information about BB21C

Paradigm infinitism Paradigm infinitism
Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

Organization to promote infinitism
The non-profit organization to promote infinitism has been registered March 2nd 2015 in Austria. It supports actions to disseminate infinitism

Members from the organization to promote Infinitism
Our members, their biography, achievements and statements on the new paradigm Infinitism.

Paradigm Infinitism 2015
Activities of the organization to promote Infinitism. In particular, the ''Paradigm Infinitism - future must be fun again'' lecture tour.

Context description:  Organization to promote infinitism. A civilization can develop an unlimited ability survive. This means worldwide wealth and future.