Paradigm infinitism

Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

It is the worldview that man, science, politics, economy, just the whole civilization, engraved in all their deeds and actions.             (Download Info PDF)

Paradigm Neoliberalism Limitism Infinitism
Textbook Nearly only critical books
about neoliberalism
The Limits to Growth Calculation ERROR
Central idea The perfect market
solves all problems:
just watch
Save Restrict Refrain Worldwide wealth and a limitless future are possible
Philosophy It is cheaper
to succumb
than to survive
Man is a pest Mankind has the task to obtain life on Earth for a very long time
Science Economics The ecological footprint Ethics - the science of survival
Politics Mainstream parties
to neoliberalism
The Greens WWW movement WorldWide Wealth
Economy Change nothing! Preservation of old industry. Prevent everything! It could grow and grow... BB21C - Biggest Business 21st Century

Half century ago, we have seen here the future full of optimism. What immense technical progress did we reach during the last half century. Each modern smartphone would have been seen on the set of Star Trek 1965 as the super technology of the 24th century.

But what has become of our life circumstances? The once successful social market economy degenerated into ““The perfect market solves all pro­blems, just watch”” 1972 saw another new World View “““The Limits to Growth, Save Restrict Refrain”.“ The one want to change nothing, every­thing should remain the same, the others want to thwart everything.

This coincidence of intentions makes this at the first glance such contrasting views to perfect allies when it comes to stagnation and decline. What do you get when the one sees man only as a participant in the perfect market and the other even regarded man as a pest? A society that has no future, which remains with “We're still better than the neighbors” in a constant deterioration.

  Infinitism - in development since autumn 1991

In retrospect, infinitism started autumn 1991. The project “““GEMINI inhabited solar power plant” and the term “““PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth” for civilization-planning” does not match with any of the former paradigms, this was the origin of the Infinitism.

The combined effect of the prevailing worldviews leads to self-destruction, this has been proven in the past decades. If you want to evolve in the direction of world­wide wealth and a limitless future, you buy the book, support us! Donations to:

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          Paradigm infinitism: Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

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